Written by Graham Jesse.
Producers: Geoff and Jenny Ailing
Arranger: Graham Jesse
Trumpet 1: Paul Panichi
Trumpet 2: John Hoffman
Trombone: James Greening
Sax: Graham Jesse
Keyboards: Sam McNally
Recorded at Wam Studios Sydney
Clive Young
Clive Young – 1998
Every Day Is Christmas
Jackie Cheung – Private Corner Album
Musical Director/ Arranger: Andrew Tausson
Drums: Lewis Pragasam
Acoustic Bass: Andy Peterson
Guitar: Jamie Wilson
Percussion: Steve Thornton
Trumpet 1: Paul Panichi
Trumpet 2: John Campo
Alto Sax: Miguel Inot
Tenor: Sax Charles Huntley
Trombone: Ben Pelletier
For Charles Huntley
Smooth Trumpet
For Charles Huntley

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